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As financial advisors in Swansea we are authorised and regulated by The Financial Services Authority and can visit our clients at their homes or we can faciltate meetings at our office, whichever you prefer.


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Financial Adviser Swansea – Welcome to Solidus Financial Planning

Independent Financial Advisor in Swansea & Surrounding Areas…

As independent financial advisers in Swansea Solidus Financial Planning are able to provide personalised advice on many different areas from investments to pensions. We work on the basic principles of quality service and advice. We work closely with our clients and  place great value on personal contact. Our advisers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer to new and existing clients.

Based in Swansea we have been working in the financial services industry since 1982. As Independent Financial advisers we are available to provide advice on a broad range of financial services to ensure that the our client’s needs are met in full.

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New clients and even some of my older ones often ask why I chose the name SOLIDUS back in 2009. There was method in my madness…let me explain!

There were three reasons…


The ‘SOLIDUS’ was a stable gold currency for a thousand years. It was the currency of the late Roman/Byzantine Empire. It was accepted across Europe and far into Asia. Because I deal with ‘gold’ (Investments) I thought it would represent not only the fact that I am a wealth manager for my clients but I am stable (in financial services since 1982) just like the SOLIDUS was.


It was a Byzantine or late Roman coin. This reflects my interest in that period of history perhaps better described as either an obsession or a fascination! This proves often to be an interesting talking point with clients who are also interested in history.


This particular SOLIDUS from the early 700s was the first ever coin with Jesus depicted on it. So I thought it would also represent the fact that I am a Christian and active in church related work in the UK and overseas. It is interesting hearing how people pronounce it but each syllable should be pronounced evenly. The name SOLIDUS represents my individual business and the staff and connections that I have. I am of course a founder partner of Sandringham financial partners of which SOLIDUS is my ‘trading style’ within that prestigious organisation.

Financial Advisor Swansea – Our Team at SOLIDUS…


John has worked in financial services since 1982 both as a manager and sole proprietor and has acquired Financial Planning Certificates I, II and III and holds the Mortgage Advice Qualification and a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. He is a member of the Personal Finance Society and The Society of Mortgage Professionals.

John has clients across four continents, and he set up Solidus in March 2009 and in 2014 joined Sandringham to provide independent financial advice for individuals, businesses and charities.


John’s personal assistant is Rhiannon Cartwright who is also the office manager. Denise Ashmole also works in the practice. Denise is an experienced mortgage broker and handles most of the mortgages within the practice. Aled Pashley who is a fully qualified financial adviser handles some mortgages and the administration process of more complex cases.


At the time of writing John has just had his 63rd birthday and is married to Janet. They have three children Caris 36, Mark 35, and Zoe 31.

John Provides assistance to the BN Charitable Trust for the Relief of Suffering and is trustee for a number of other charities. He also founded Citywide Christian based youth work TRIBE. Notably since 1991 John has travelled to Africa 25 times, (particularly Zambia) organising aid and training events. He continues to maintain significant contact with Zambia often leading teams mainly of young people and organising containers and resources to that country. John for many years could be seen regularly on Revelation TV as a studio guest taking calls on Christianity and Biblical themes. Recently John was asked by a publisher to produce fifteen booklets on Christian issues. At the time of writing this he has written eight, so there is plenty more to go! John (often known as JT) is also passionate about local history, books, Gower and ants (yes ants!).

Financial Advisor Swansea
Financial Advisor Swansea

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